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LaTFURE – Learning and Teaching Tools Fuelling University Relations with the Economy in Mozambique and South Africa. More information:

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All materials of the LaTFURE Online Training on dual higher education are available HERE


This platform has been set up as “software-as-service” by the coordinating institution of LaTFURE, Danube University Krems.

To manage collaboration and content, please contact the LaTFURE National Coordinator for South Africa:

Patricio V. Langa

University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa


Dual studies as an integral part of South Africa‘s and Mozambique‘s higher education Systems.

Four dual study programmes will be established: two programmes in South Africa and two programmes in Mozambique.

Erasmus+ CBHE project 2016 – 2020 The objective will be achieved by 34 activities which are thematically organised in nine workshops.